F&E Shooters Supply complies with all local, state, and federal laws with respect to the sale of firearms. We will only ship to authorized firearms dealers (FFL) and not individuals homes or non-FFL dealers. We will ship firearms and ammunition to an FFL dealer in any state. We will request a valid FFL after your order is placed with us. 

We follow state and federal laws regarding firearm sales.  Please do not ask your buddy to guy a gun for you; that is called a "Straw Purchase". It is illegal at a Federal Level.

If you are coming to pick up a firearm from F&E Shooters Supply at the store, you will complete a 4473/background check. Once your background check is approved, you will be able to take your firearm home. 

For handguns, we will provide New York State residents with a Bill of Sale in order to add to your New York State pistol permit. Once you receive the coupon from your pistol permit office, please bring the coupon to the shop. We will run a 4473/ background check. Once the background check is approved by the FBI, you will be able to take your firearm home. 

Any handgun or "other" for out of state customers must be shipped to an FFL dealer in your state. 

All firearms in New York must be made compliant with the New York Safe Act. If you are not a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), F&E Shooters Supply must make your firearm compliant with all federal and local laws. Prior to purchasing any product, please check your local laws to make sure it is legal in your state. We will only ship to an FFL dealer.

In New York, we will only sell items compliant with New York Safe Act. Please remember, unless you are LEO, New York State citizens are only allowed a magazine capacity of 10 rounds! Upon pick up of high capacity magazine, LEO must show your badge. 

Prior to sending a transfer to F&E Shooters Supply, please make sure the firearm is compliant with the New York Safe Act. We are unable to release a firearm until it has been made compliant with New York Safe Act laws. If you are doing a transfer and fail a background check, the firearm will become property of F&E Shooters Supply. 

When you purchase a firearm from us you will be given a complete overview of your firearm, how to take it apart to clean & maintain it, plus all the safety features.  It is your responsibility to read the owner's manual. All sales are final. 

We do not ship products out of the United States.